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Istituto di Studi Economici e per l'Occupazione
Learn Economics from Nobel Laureates
1 SummerSchool 2015
summer school
Iseo, 20- 27 June 2015
"The path to a sustainable global economy. Growth strategies, fiscal stimulus and experimental monetary policies" Speakers: Robert Shiller (Nobel 2013), George Akerlof (Nobel 2001), Michael Spence (Nobel 2001), Zygmunt Bauman (Emeritus Leeds University) and other lecturers.
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1 SummerSchool 2014
summer school
Iseo, 14-21 June 2014
"Shaping the future: towards a sustainable global

Speakers: Robert Engle (Nobel 2003), James Mirrlees (Nobel 1996), Michael Spence (Nobel 2001) and international economists.
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3 XLV Conference
The Colloquia Series - Pechino
Brescia, 19 June 2014
"Society risk. Towards a new economy, avoiding social risks."
Speakers: Robert Engle (Nobel 2003), James Mirrlees (Nobel 1996) and Emanuele Ferragina (Lecturer Oxford University).
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Video SummerSchool
video summerschool
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The Chairman Robert Solow
presidente Robert Solow
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Robert Aumann William Sharpe Robert Wescott Peter Diamond R. Solow & G. Akerlof
Robert Aumann William Sharpe J. Mirrlees & C. Pissarides Peter Diamond R. Solow & G. Akerlof
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