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Learn Economics from Nobel Laureates
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summerschool 2014
I.S.E.O Summer School 2014
"Shaping the future: towards a sustainable global economy"
14-21 June 2014, Iseo
Robert Engle, Nobel Laureate 2003
James Mirrlees, Nobel Laureate 1996
Michael Spence, Nobel Laureate 2001
Emanuele Ferragina, Oxford University
Richard Tol, Sussex University
Camilla Toulmin, Director International Institute for Environment and Development
The I.S.E.O Institute is organizing the 11th edition of the I.S.E.O international Summer School, the prestigious economic summer course reserved to post graduate students, researchers and young economists coming from all over the world which takes place every year in Iseo (Northern Italy) in the last week of June. 2013 has been a very special year for I.S.E.O: not only the 10th edition of the Summer School but also the 15th anniversary of the activities of the Institute and the 10th anniversary of the founder Franco Modigliani's death. Thus, the Summer School 2013 featured an extraordinary panel of speakers with 5 Nobel Laureates in Economics.

In 2012 the I.S.E.O Summer School has been included in the top ten Summer School in the world by Inomics.

General information
The I.S.E.O Summer School 2014 will take place in Iseo (close to Milan and Brescia, in Northern Italy) from Saturday the 14th to Saturday the 21st 2014.
The course will feature three Nobel Laureates in Economics ( Robert Engle, Michael Spence and James Mirrlees) and some international economists. It will gather some of the most talented researchers, young economists and post graduate students in Economics. The week in Iseo will combine high level lectures ( taking place both in morning and afternoon session) with free time, once in a lifetime experiences with Nobel Laureates and other top class speakers. Participants will attend lectures both in the morning and in the afternoon time and will have the chance to discuss with the speakers for the whole week. They will meet and spend free time with Nobels and they will enjoy their stay in Italy with other participants from all over the world. During the Summer School 2014 participants will have also the possibility to visit wonderful Northern Italy cities, such as Venice and the famous Franciacorta region.

The course will analyze the peculiarities of current events, in order to define the micro and macroeconomic characteristics of global issues. The analysis will delve into three main directions, namely the economic, political and social aspects. Every year the focus of the Summer School changes according to the most actual topics. So far the course has been inspired by important themes such as global welfare, economic and financial market stability, growth and sustainability, global inequality, emerging and developing economies, labour markets and social reforms. The specific title of the Summer School 2014 is: Shaping the future: towards a sustainable global economy. During free time students can also try a wide selection of all kinds of watersports.

The I.S.E.O Summer School takes place in a lovely village called Iseo (Northen Italy), which faces the homonymous lake, Lake Iseo.
Participants will stay at the four star Iseolago hotel for the whole period, where they will either attend the lectures and have their accommodation and meals. (Please note that participants of the Summer School will have to stay in double or triple room.) Speakers will stay in the same hotel as students to share also free time with them.

Participants and Scholarships Selection
Every year the I.S.E.O Institute selects a restricted number of candidates (between 80 and 100 participants per edition) according to several criteria: first of all the education and academic experience, then the professional background and also the strong motivation to participate into the course. The selection is crucial for electing the participants of the Summer School and also for choosing the beneficiaries of the private partial scholarships that the Iseo Institute distributes. The total amount of partial scholarships at disposal varies every year, according to the number of private sponsors supporting the activity of the Institute.

How to apply
Post graduate students ( no matter if still enrolled at university or already working), young economists, researchers, lecturers and teaching assistants can be eligible for the I.S.E.O Summer School 2014. In order to apply, candidates will have to send the following material via email:

1) The application form properly filled in in English; (downloadable at the end of this page)
2) Personal cv in English;
3) A personal picture;
4) A paper on the subject of the Summer School ( the paper is optional, not compulsory at all, and can be sent later on).

Deadline for applying is 21st April 2014
We highly encourage early application, as enrolment is limited to a restricted number of participants.

Fee and Scholarships
The fee amounts to € 2.500,00 and shall have to be paid by 9th May 2014.
I .S.E.O Institute awards some talented students with scholarships amounting to € 1,500.00. Therefore awarded students shall have to pay just the remaining € 1.000,00.
Applying for this scholarship is really easy and can be done by declaring it in the application form. A committee will evaluate all the applications and will decide which students to award with the scholarship. Please note that the I.S.E.O institute cannot provide full scholarships.
The fee includes: participation to the course, reading materials, full boarding staying in a 4 star hotel (breakfast, lunch and dinner are included), trips and local transportation. Personal expenses and any other expense not expressly stated are not included. Accomodation will be in double or triple room. Have a look at the hotel conference centre where participants are accommodated and classes take place:

For further information please contact the secretariat at

Downloadable documents:
Application Form 2014
Speakers' biographies
Summer School 2014 Leaflet
Daily Schedule Iseo Summer School 2014
List of participants Summer School 2014
Travel Tips to Iseo
Photogallery have a look at the pictures taken during the Summer School 2013
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