Nobel Prize winner Michael Spence is the new honorary president of the I.S.E.O. Institute


After the death of Nobel Prize winner Robert Solow in December 2023, the I.S.E.O. Institute is pleased to announce that Michael Spence, Nobel Prize in Economics 2001, will be the new honorary president of the association.

“2024 is a significant year for handovers – announces Riccardo Venchiarutti, president of the I.S.E.O. Institute -. After the death of our president Robert Solow, who left us at the age of 99, we asked another Nobel Prize winner for Economics, Michael Spence, to become honorary president of our association: Mike, who has been a friend of I.S.E.O. since the 1990s, has willingly accepted, saying he is happy and honored to continue Solow’s work. For us, it can only be a great honor”.

Michael Spence is a famous American economist who won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2001. Formerly dean of Stanford and professor at the University of New York, Spence usually opens the I.S.E.O. Summer School each year with his inaugural lecture.