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Summer School 2023

3-10 June 2023, Iseo

The World After. Challenges Ahead for the Global Economy


  • Michael Spence Nobel Laureate in Economics 2001
  • David Card Nobel Laureate in Economics 2021
  • Valentina Bosetti Bocconi University

55th International Conference

Tuesday 6th June

THE LABOUR MARKET TODAY. Wages, immigration, education: inside the world of labour, between inequalities and opportunities.


  • David Card Nobel Laureate in Economics 2021
  • Maria De Paola University of Calabria, INPS
  • Andrea Ichino European University Institute of Fiesole

Summer School 2022

18-25 June, onsite & online

The Post Pandemic Economic Recovery


  • Abhijit Banerjee Nobel Laureate in Economics 2019
  • Esther Duflo Nobel Laureate in Economics 2019
  • Michael Spence Nobel Laureate in Economics 2001

I.S.E.O. Institute Who we are

Institute for Studies on Economics and Employment is a non-profit association based in Iseo (Northern Italy) and founded in 1998 by Nobel Laureate in Economics Franco Modigliani. Upon Franco’s death, Prof. Robert Solow (Nobel laureate in Economics 1987) accepted with great enthusiasm to chair the Institute Modigliani founded and therefore to carry on his work.

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The Founder Franco Modigliani

He is the author of twenty books, volumes of his collected papers and numerous articles for scholarly journals. Among his best-known essays, The Collected Papers of Franco Modigliani, first published in five volumes by MIT Press, have been translated in many languages, including Chinese.

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The town of Iseo Where we are

This picturesque village is very close to some of the most beatiful Northern Italy cities: Venice (worldwide famous for its canals and gondolas), Verona (the city of Romeo and Juliet), Milan (with its magnificent Duomo and Leonardo da Vinci’s The last supper) and also to Brescia and Bergamo.

Iseo is located in the heart of the well-known Franciacorta which is world wide famous for the production of the wonderful wine Franciacorta.

Among the coastal villages of the lake, Iseo is the one which has better preserved its original medieval urban structure, even if some changes took places between the XV and XVIII centuries.

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