Summer School 2008

The I.S.E.O Summer School 2008 gathered 70 students coming from 23 different Country and 51 universities spread in the world.

The extraordinary panel of speakers who run the lectures to students has been highly appreciated: Prof. Robert Solow, Nobel Laureate 1987 and chairman of the I.S.E.O Institute, who always chairs the Summer School and enjoy spending his time chatting with students, Prof. Thomas Schelling (Nobel laureate 2001) who joined our Summer School for the first time, Prof. Richard Ernst (Nobel Laureate for Chemistry 1991) who has been applauded for several minutes for his wonderful lecture, and Prof. Mike Spence (Nobel Laureate in Economics 2001).

Beyond them a great group of international economists: Prof. Richard Layard, world-wide known for being the founder and director of the Lse Centre for Economic Performance, Prof. Robert Wescott a close friend of ISEO who has been economic advisor for the former USA President Clinton, Prof. Dennis Snower who is the chairman of one of the most prestigious centre for economic researches namely the Kiel Institute for world Economy, Prof. Tito Boeri, well-known professor at Bocconi University in Milan and prof. Mario Baldassarri , member of the Italian Parliament, former deputy Minister of the Economic affairs and professor at La Sapienza University in Rome.