Summer School 2019

The I.S.E.O. Summer School 2019 took place from the 15th of June until the 22nd of June in the beautiful city of Iseo (Northern Italy) at a 4-star Iseolago Hotel. The 65 Summer School participants came from 27 different countries and 41 universities around the world.

This year was the 16th edition of the I.S.E.O. Summer School and it focused on the title “”Global Economy & Financial Markets: What Lies Ahead?”. Nine internationally acknowledged speakers were invited to hold the lectures and three of them were Nobel Laureates: Michael Spence (Nobel Laureate 2001, New York University), William Sharpe (Nobel Laureate 1990, Stanford University) and Alvin Roth (Nobel Laureate 2012, Stanford University). At the I.S.E.O. Summer School 2019 were present also other outstanding economists and speakers: Manfred Elsig (World Trade Institute, University of Bern), Kamiar Mohaddes (Cambridge University), Ian Goldin (Oxford University) and Alan Manning (London School of Economics).

The participants of the I.S.E.O. Summer School 2019  joined an international public conference promoted together with the University of Brescia. The 52nd international conference in memory of Franco Modigliani was titled “Pension Systems, Long-term care and Demographic Scenarios: Future Challenges for the Welfare State” and it featured William Sharpe, Tito Boeri and Agar Brugiavini as speakers. At the conference there were more than 200 people in the audience.

In the “Your lecture” experience two participants had the chance to present their own research in front of the Nobel Laureates, the lecturers and the other Summer School participants. This year the “Your lecture” presentations were given by Allison Reichel (George Mason University) from the United States and Luis-Diego Barrot-Araya (London School of Economics) from Costa Rica.

Although the I.S.E.O. Summer School offers excellent possibilities to study and learn, there is much more to experience! The participants had the chance to interact with the lecturers like have breakfast with the Nobel Laureates! In addition to that there was time to network with other participants from all over the world and many great conversations were born outside the conference room.

In the free time,  students had the chance to relax by the pool of the Iseolago hotel, explore the beautiful Iseo city by bike and visit Monte Isola island. The Summer School arranged also a daytrip to Verona and a kayak tour on the Iseo lake. The participants received their I.S.E.O. Summer School diplomas from two Nobel Laureates: William Sharpe and Alvin Roth in a gala dinner that was held at the prestigious Berlucchi winery.

To conclude, the I.S.E.O. Summer School 2019, as its previous editions, was an unforgettable experience. During the Summer School, the participants did not only deepen their knowledge in economics, but also created long-lasting memories and friendships.