Summer School 2023

The 19th edition of the I.S.E.O. Summer School took place from the 3rd until the 10th of June 2023 in the inviting town of Iseo, a small city on the shores of lake Iseo (Northern Italy) at the 4-star Iseolago Hotel.

The 76 Summer School participants came from 34 different countries and 51 universities around the world.

As per the lecturers, the 2023 edition of the Summer School featured some of the most esteemed international economists, including 2 Nobel Laureates.

Going into details, the 2023 edition was entitled “The World After. Challenges Ahead for the Global Economy”. Eight distinguished experts in international economics were invited to hold the lectures: David CARD (Nobel Laureate in Economics 2021, professor of Economics and director of the Centre for Labour Economics at Berkeley University); Michael SPENCE (Nobel Laureate in Economics 2001, Professor Emeritus, Stanford Business School and Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford); Sergei GURIEV (provost and professor of Economics at Sciences Po University, leader of the Research and Policy Network on Populism at CEPR, former rector of the New Economic School in Moscow); Ekaterina ZHURAVSKAYA (professor of Political Economy at Paris School of Economics); Valentina BOSETTI (professor of Climate Economics at Bocconi University); Phoebe KOUNDOURI (professor of Economics at Athens University of Economics and Business and at Denmark University, president of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists); Robert WESCOTT (president of Keybridge Research and former economic advisor to US President Clinton at the White house); and Lucas CHANCEL (professor at Sciences Po and co-director of the World Inequality Lab at Paris School of Economics).

As a tradition of the I.S.E.O. Institute, two Summer School participants had the chance to present their own research in front of the whole group of attendees, coordinated by prof. Sergio Vergalli (University of Brescia): the project is called “Your Lecture”. This year the presentations were given by Juan Du (University of Sydney Business School) and Himani Pasricha (University College Dublin).

During the week, the association promoted the 55th edition of the international public conference in collaboration with the University of Brescia to celebrate the memory of the I.S.E.O. Institute’s founder Franco Modigliani. The conference, attended also by the Summer School participants, took place at the University of Brescia on Tuesday, June 6th 2023 and it was titled “THE LABOUR MARKET TODAY. Wages, immigration, education: inside the world of labour, between inequalities and opportunities”. The public meeting was held by David Card (Nobel Laureate in Economics 2021), Maria De Paola (INPS, University of Calabria) and Andrea Ichino (European University Institute of Fiesole).

During the Summer School students did not just get the opportunity to learn and study: there were in fact many experiences to benefit from, such as the unique chance to interact with lecturers during breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the occasion to develop lifelong relationships with other participants from any corner of the globe.

Throughout the week, attendees also got to enjoy some free time: relaxing by the pool of the Iseolago hotel, exploring the welcoming Iseo city and visiting Monte Isola island. The Summer School organized also a daytrip to Verona, UNESCO heritage city and home of Romeo and Juliet, a kayak tour on Lake Iseo and a guided tour of Santa Giulia Museum in Brescia and the archaeological site of the Capitolium. Another sought-after activity was the gala dinner at the prestigious Berlucchi winery: during that night participants were handed their I.S.E.O. Summer School diplomas from David Card and Robert Wescott.

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