Summer School 2024


The I.S.E.O. Summer School in Economics is back with its 20th edition, taking place fully in presence from the 15th to the 22nd of June 2024.
Participants and speakers will attend the Summer School in the picturesque town of Iseo (Italy), on the shores of the charming Iseo lake.
The panel of the speakers features several Nobel Laureates in Economics and further international economists, who will be all joining the Summer School in presence.

The full list of speakers will be disclosed gradually. Confirmed lecturers are:

*Joshua Angrist, Nobel Laureate in Economics 2021, professor of Economics at Mit;
*Robert Engle, Nobel Laureate in Economics 2003, professor of Finance at NYU Stern School of Business and Co-Director of the NYU Stern Volatility;
*Michael Spence, Nobel Laureate in Economics 2001, Emeritus professor at Stanford Business School;
*Beata Javorcik, professor of Economics at Oxford University and chief economist at EBRD (European Bank for Reconstructions and Development);
*Kamiar Mohaddes, professor in Economics & Policy at the University of Cambridge;
*Elena Verdolini, professor of Political Economy at University of Brescia and senior scientist at the European Institute on Economics and the
*Carl Frey, professor of AI & Work, Oxford University.


The I.S.E.O Summer School is an international summer course focused in international economics. The 20th edition is entitled “The World Economy’s Shifting Winds” and will investigate some of the main challenges that global economy is facing in such a shifting landscape. The global economic order is undergoing a fundamental transformation, and the distinguished speakers of the I.S.E.O. Summer School will try to analyze the principle factors of this transformation: the impact of Ai on the future of work, the green transition, emerging inequalities (also) in the labour market, new geopolitical risks and their consequences on international trade, global inflation, growing nationalism are just some of the topics which will be covered during the intensive one week course.
Conducted entirely in English, lectures at the I.S.E.O. Summer School are all made of a first part of straight talk by the speaker, followed by a second part of Q&A with the participants.
As from the very first edition in 2004, the course will gather a large group (between 60 and 70) of graduate and post graduate students in Economics coming from the all over the world.



The 20th edition of the course takes place fully in presence.
Participants are invited to come to Iseo, a picturesque village facing the homonymous lake (Iseo lake) in Northern Italy, not too far from Milan. Both classes and accommodation are going to be hosted at the Iseolago hotel, a charming four star hotel by the lake. Attendees will have the chance to spend some quality time with international participants and speakers – all of them lecturing onsite – as well as to enjoy the place, the food and all the interesting free time activities (kayaking, trips, wine tasting) organized during the week, in an informal, multicultural and stimulating atmosphere which is peculiar to the I.S.E.O. Summer School.


For the first time ever, the I.S.E.O. Summer School program will include a poster session.
The I.S.E.O. Institute encourages all participants to join the poster session to illustrate their findings by displaying graphs, photos, diagrams, and also a small amount of text. The participation of young economists coming from different Countries and Universities is expected to enrich the discussion on the current transformation of international economics.
Further details and instructions will be provided later, after the application process is closed.


In order to be eligible for the I.S.E.O. Summer School, applicants have to be graduate or postgraduate students (master, phd, young assistants or former graduate students) in Economics with a strong academic background in the field. Participants must be fluent in English.
Candidates should submit their application using the form below by the 5th of May 2024.
A personal picture and a copy of personal cv are required.
Early application is highly encouraged since enrolment is limited.


The I.S.E.O. Summer School 2024 fee amounts to 2.800 Euro: however, we award talented students partial scholarships amounting to 1.600 Euro (each), so that the fee can be reduced to 1.200 Euro.
Please note that full scholarships are not available.

The fee, which must be paid by the 13th of May 2024, includes:
*participation to all the lectures organized during the Summer School;
*speakers’ slides and presentations;
*attendance certificate (hard copy);
*7 nights accommodation* at the 4 star Iseolago hotel (15-22 June 2024) with free access to swimming pools and sport facilities;
*7 days full board treatment (breakfasts, lunches and dinners included) at the hotel and occasionally also in some other typical Italian restaurants and pizzerias;
*participation to the gala dinner with speakers, sponsors and local institutions;
*participation to leisure time activities (i.e.: wine tasting, kayak, guided tours);
*participation to local trips;
*local transportation within the area.

*Please note that accommodation at the hotel is provided in twin rooms to be shared with another participant. A very restricted number of single rooms is available upon request and with an extra charge.


For any request, please contact us at